When was the last time you spoke with your friends or family about Internet privacy? Sadly, for most people, the answer is never. In general, people believe that only a small percentage of people care about privacy, and while we know that isn’t true, it is something that keeps most people from talking about privacy.


In Jan 2017, the IDC found that 84% of consumers expressed concern for their personal information, and 70% reported greater concern than just a few years ago.

And it’s not all talk. Over 20% of people are using tracker blocking software, and many are taking other measures as well such as using DuckDuckGo. People are taking action.

So maybe you didn’t share DuckDuckGo because you thought no one would care? But, now that you know most people do, it is time to stand up and spread the word.

Challenge: Share DuckDuckGo with 3 friends or family members who you think deserve to be more private online. And no, your cat, “Whiskers J. Snuggleworths the 3rd” doesn’t count!

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Disclaimer: This article was originally written by DuckDuckGo.