2020 has been a really hard year for all of us. But humans sure are a tough species, we've been through many challenges but we still manage to get by and come back stronger than before, like that bug you accidentally pushed to your previous company's production server. 😏

One of the highlights of 2020 for us developers is the Hacktoberfest of course, an annual event led by DigitalOcean where all developers help each other in the form of resolving open-source issues across GitHub. One of the many reasons for joining Hacktoberfest are their swag. πŸ˜‰ And today I finally got mine. πŸŽ†

My Hacktober package arrived just this morning, and I wanna share with you all what's inside.

The packaging

The swag comes in a small plastic packaging.

The Shirt and Stickers

Inside is the T-shirt itself, and a bunch of stickers from popular tech brands. There's also 2 cards with back-to-back messages from Intel, dev.to, oneapi.com, and forem.com.

The Cards

The 2 cards has either a message or a brand slogan from Intel, dev.to, oneapi.com, and forem.com.

The Stickers

A bunch of stickers from popular tech brands.

OctoCat Lovelace

A cute sticker of what I assumed an OctoCat version of Madam Ada Lovelace from GitHub.

Laptop sticker from raise.dev

There's a code snippet that says:

try {
} catch (err) {
} finally {

Apparently, Intel is one of the top open-source contributors. Good for them!


I love WebStorm! Also, I'm a fan of their JetBrains Mono font.

Baby Shark doo doo, doo doo doo doo

Of course, Digital Ocean's shark mascot 🦈


This is my first time encountering this database.


A sticker of what appears to be a man wearing an diver suit. For deep diving into opensource? IDK.


I'm not really aware of this one, but it sounds like a CRM to me. Check out their site https://www.vonage.com.ph/

This is the 'H' in the Hacktoberfest printed on the shirt. duh!


A collaboration tool for developers. Yes, it's open source.

I don't what this is

Lastly, this coaster looking thing. Weirdly it's not round like the most coasters but I think it is a coaster? IDK. Anyway, it has a message from DigitalOcean.


It's really rewarding to be active in the open source community, not only you get to help other developers, you can also be exposed to events like this and win cool prizes.