The Beginning

It's been a while since I started this little project of mine called vue-stripe-checkout, I've been maintaining this for almost 4 years now. At first it was just for personal use, but then I noticed that people on GitHub started using it, it's slowly gaining stars, some are asking for help, and some are contributing to its progress. This project is just one of the many reasons why I became a OSS enthusiast, the idea of making something that the others will eventually find helpful is just one of the "joys" of contributing to OSS community.


By the time of this writing, Vue Stripe Checkout has currently have:

It's very clear to me that this project has already made a significant impact to the community, and that made me very happy. That's why, I am deciding to put more effort efforts to maintaining it. It's my way of paying back the OSS community as part of the ecosystem, and Stripe Developers for supporting me on this project.

The Near Future

As always, part of my regular efforts on the project maintenance is to keep the issues updated, and handled accordingly.

Here are my plans for the upcoming releases of Vue Stripe Checkout before 2020 ends:

  • Nuxt.js support (related to #72)
  • Fresh and better documentation
  • Full Stripe Elements support

I am really thankful for all the support and contributions that I am getting for this project, most of all for the current state of the OSS community. I really hope that in the future, more OSS developers will get recognition for their works, the unsung heroes of our technological generation.

Happy coding, and stay safe! 💕